Saturday, 27 August 2011


If I had the mind of a three year old, storage solutions would be more forthcoming.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Further Frustration

Well. I have spent more time than I wish to admit wrangling with technology (no knitting this evening), and I still have no videos to show for it. Instead I have a new mystery, a broken relationship between the computer and the Internet. Bugger. is some of what has been going on at Casa del Purlhussy:

1. Tom had a throat infection. Thank god that was NOT what teething is made of. Tom is now all better, and is off the boob! I am very happy putting him to bed. I love his stage. No more feeding through the night, but not quite mobile. Bliss.

2. My sister came with an entourage, 4 peeps between 8-21. Who needs a loft conversion when your guests come bearing a tent.

I entertained as I always do when there are many ages.

We had a competition.

This one totally should have won --Catherine was ROBBED.

Harry was in heaven, annoying his 8 year old cousin with his constant adoration.

3. 3 year olds look so cute even when they totally suck at what they are doing.

4. As a lesbian, I did not expect to encounter this on a daily basis:

Not impressed.

5. I have made a pair of perfectly identical striker socks for Olivia.

6. Harry has been ill and it was boring.

7. Tom cannot quite sit up yet, and it's a little funny and a whole lot heart-breaking.

Trusty iPhone, I will not (attempt) to betray you again.