Sunday, 18 October 2009

Driving Miss Rosie

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Cousins drawing

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Sunday, 11 October 2009


We continue to be having a fab day. Did I mention we got a lie-in till 8:30? I so needed a day like this after Thursday which involved a protest vomit and cancelling afternoon plans.

This is the best company Foxy has been at a restaurant since he was 3 months old.

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Library Love

Our library is wonderfully placed for shopping breaks. Foxy loving these bead toys at the moment. Can't see the appeal myself, but I like watching.

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Fashion sense Sunday

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Friday, 2 October 2009


So I have this new job at work -- Director of Student Support. As I suspected, there are some comedic elements. Much of my morning has been consumed with making arrangements for a student who has requested that his dog accompany him to classes as this helps him to cope with his acute social anxiety. Mildly amusing. But the part that made me crack up in the e-mail correspondence was this sentence:
The dog isn't an official assistive dog but has a Dog Citizen qualification.