Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cupcake Class

I demanded a cupcake class for Christmas. Tonight was the night! I was not disappointed. There were just two of us, and I got my money's worth by asking lots of questions. I'm such a dorky, keen student.

The place was a treasure trove.

We started by making the cakes.

I loved making messes and then magically a clean bowl would appear at my work station.

I was expecting to learn about piping and other decorative techniques. I did. But I learnt a couple of other good tips. Curious? Beat the heck out of the butter and sugar at the beginning. Get plenty of air in, and get that sugar totally broken down. Don't mix in the flour for too long. Make icing/frosting with a whole lot less icing sugar than I have been if you want to be able to pipe etc well, and get the decorations to stick. Hold a tea-towel over the bowl when mixing the butter and icing sugar. Don't under-estimate the power of a palate knife.

And here's the grand reveal:

OK, I know that last picture isn't great, but they're better than usual, right? iPhone 4S is not disappointing.