Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Knitting UFOs

OK, I've made an inventory of my knitting unfinished objects. It's a long list, but I feel better already, having them documented.

1. These are wristlets for TAG. It's sort of cheating to list them, because I have 2-3 more rounds left to do, and planning to finish them straight after posting! They also don't really count because I started them less than a week ago, so they are just a current project ;-).

2. Again, this one isn't really a UFO because it is a current project, and it's what I want to be knitting ALL THE TIME. I started it on Saturday evening during the unexpected 4 hours to myself. It's my first stab at lace knitting, and it's turning out terrifically. It's a scarf in fingering weight yarn, so I was able to shop from my extensive stash of sock yarn. I got the idea from Jenae who had made one and turned me on to the designer who sells her patterns at knitspot.com. It's the tivoli pattern. Yummy. (But it will be on the needles for a LONG time).

3. These are a pair of vanilla socks (easy Regia pattern), done in knit picks coney island. They are fun and easy, but for some reason I had put them aside and forgot all about them. This will be the project I now carry around with me, now that the wristlets are done.

4. This is the class sock from Sensational Knitted Socks. They should work as baby socks, though may be a bit feminine for Foxy ;-)

5. This one I am actually not dreading. It is a reversible hat for Foxy's Eastbourne cousin. It was meant for Christmas, and I didn't make the deadline. I think it's not going to take too long though.

Now we get to the true UFO's, those projects that make my heart sink at the thought of working on them :-/.

6. A bloody tea cosy. I believe all I need to do is finish seaming it. It is for our very good friends, the Fun GIrls. I made the mistake of letting them choose the pattern. Never again -- I don't like it. It's also going to be way too small. I'll have to find a one-cup tea-pot and hope it fits that. Very unsatisfying.

7. This isn't even a UFO, just a small mending job (i.e., hateful sewing job). This is a beautiful hot water bottle cover made of delicious pink cashmere. But the buttons were never right, and I need to replace them (only one is left hanging off the back). I need to find suitable buttons, and then find a tutorial on the net because I clearly don't know how to attach buttons properly.

8. Remember the cushion covers? Still not done. I am making two, so four squares of knitting. 3 are done. Then I started the fourth, and was reminded just how much I HATE intarsia. I set it aside. I have decided to frog it and just do some simple stripes.

9. Last, and definitely worst, is the dreaded cardi-coat. I HATE working with the yarn, and I hate what I have left to do. Pick up stitches to make ribbed borders, and seaming. Ick. BUT, I know that I will actually enjoy wearing it, so I WILL get this done.

In an ideal world, I would like to have around 3 projects on the go at any one time. So I best get busy!

Finally, I organized my stash. It's mostly sock yarn because I ordered a bunch from knit picks during our trip to America. This bag makes me feel happy and secure, especially now I know it is also a good weight for lace knitting:

This little bag is not so pleasing, but fine. It contains supplies for lots of baby booties (great quick gifts), a hat for a little girl, a purple gauzy scarf, and a pair of fingerless mittens.

I don't need to do any yarn shopping for a while...

Monday, 27 April 2009

America trip: Part 2

I know, what a long time away from blogging! No excuse. At least with the Twitter updates there have been no fears of my death.

Back up to our America trip. After our time at the beach, we went to visit JF & co in Salt Lake City. We all had a great time, but Foxy had a FANTASTIC time. He was exposed to dogs, and he LOVED them.

This was a really good thing because I don't want him to pick up my fear and loathing. When I was little, if there was a dog within 20 feet my Dad would pick me up and start yelling at the owner. Strange how I'm just that bit fearful. Our first afternoon, we even had a suburban dream trip:

Did I mention the dog wash was part of a strip mall? Imagine how hard it was to pass up this opportunity right next door:

Foxy also had his first sled ride, just 10 mins drive away from my sister's house. Still not sure how this is possible, as it was sunny and around 65. Absolutely glorious:

Best of all, Foxy got to play with his cousins. He found a hero to worship, and his name is Sam. He wanted to be right next to him all the time, too cute:

Can't wait to see (most) of them again really soon. My niece is even thinking of going to University in the UK or Ireland! I am going to show her around my esteemed place of employment. I'm sure she would enjoy daily lunch dates with her super-cool Auntie ;-)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

America Part 1: Santa Monica

We stayed in the lovely Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. Poolside was especially fab:

We also enjoyed walks along the beach:

And Foxy's first carousel ride:

The quality of light always amazes me after England's climate (I once heard it compared to living in a tupperware container, and that's about right). Also, everyone was so friendly, especially about Foxy's copper locks and big grin. Can't blame them.


Back at work and creche today, though certainly not a long day. Last night, Foxy to bed at 7:15, awake from 10 - 12:15. At 9 this morning, I went to pry him out of bed. Bright light did nothing to disturb his peace:

When I tried talking to him, I swear he put his fingers over and/or in his ears:

As a final attempt at ignoring me, he rolled over:

Eventually, success via the smell of toast.

(I know, what am I doing blogging everyday detail and neglecting TRIP photos? Soon, really.)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mr Independent

Foxy finally woke at 10:45. It is a beautiful day and we are enjoying hanging out outside. As usual he is wandering off and making friends. It is sooo crowded compared to America!

-- Post From My iPhone

We're Back!!

We're back from our trip. So much to blog! All-in-all, we had a great time, but Foxy loved it most of all. Wherever we went, he had so much attention from such lovely outgoing, friendly Americans. It was weird getting back yesterday, hauling our jet-lagged asses to the park, and NOONE came over to talk to us about how gorgeous our little red-head is. And there were a couple of other red-heads running around. Hmm.

Lots to blog, but it may take a wee-while. For now, I am marveling. We put Foxy to bed at 8 last night. He was then awake from 12 - 2, but it is now 9, and he is still sleeping. LOVE, love, love that boy.