Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Words and Such

Last week was draining, Foxy had a runny bottom until Friday afternoon at 4:45. Probably because he heard me say to the creche that I would be bringing him in as soon as there was solid poo. He ain't no fool.

Anyway, I don't have photos, but thought I say a few words about Foxy's words, and other goings on. On Sunday Foxy put 2 words together for the first time! He has said particular phrases before, like, "up-a-t" (cup of tea), but this was the first time (I think) when he put words together himself. The first was "big cuddle" & the second was "more biscuit." That about sums him up, a sappy tart with a sweet tooth.

I also find it cute how very English he is. He says "water" with a very pronounced T, and no discernible R at the end. When we ask him whether he wants jam or marmite on his toast, he most definitely says MARMITE. He wears bright red Bob the Builder Wellington boots.

He is learning contrition and saying sorry, but being rather slow to understand that he could avoid sanctions if he inhibited his aggressive tendencies. He's fine with other folks, it's just his Mums that get in the neck.

He has started bossing us around no end which I find (mostly) amusing. His favourite toys are little matchbook-like cars. My favourites are lovely wooden sets of yumminess. I need to get over it.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Laundry helper

We are very happy to be getting back to normal after a short-lived tummy bug. I guess Foxy knew best when he refused to don his pumpkin outfit.
Ahh, the beginnings of child labour:

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