Saturday, 23 May 2009

Full UFO update

These are the other things I've finished:

I decided that making the baby hat reversible would make it way too warm and bulky, so I got two hats out of it. Not exactly how I would have done them had I known I wouldn't be stitching them together, but they are still way cute.

I also finished the wristlets (no photo) and the stripey socks (see profile pic). So for UFOs, I have 3 left. The bl**dy tea-cosy (TODAY), the heart-sinking cardi-coat, and the baby socks. The lace scarf does not count because I love it. Not sure the baby socks count either. ANYWAY. I'm getting there!

Right now, I am enjoying my Saturday morning while Nearest & Dearest is at socatots with Foxy. They love it. I think I love it more. I think I am going to procrastinate on the tea-cozy by planning my Christmas knitting projects. I'm so rock & roll.

Cushions done!

I am really happy with how these turned out. Took forever to seam because I did it properly, and it was totally worth it.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Relaxing in the Sunshine

Looks all sweet, doesn't he? Sadly he bit Nearest & Dearest less than a minute later. The camera CAN lie. (Can you see the cushion in the background? One more left to sew up!)

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Saturday Morning Bliss

Nearest & Dearest has long talked about her ideal Saturday morning with kids -- cartoons, football/soccer, McDonald's happy meal. The dreamy part is that this would leave me to have a lie-in, followed by a bit of me-time at home.

I thought it might be several years before this fantasy would come true, but they are doing it, RIGHT NOW. N & D found a nearby Socatots with an opening, and they're there! I think Foxy will love it, as he chases any football he sees, trying to join in with bigger kids.

My plan is that this will be time at the sewing machine, churning through that particular stash, but today I am meant to be catching up on a little work (Foxy and I were off all week with his hand, foot and mouth issue). Instead, I have tidied the living room and am going to sit and listen to the latest Cast On while working on UFO no. 5. By the end of this weekend, I should have only 3 projects left, one of which is the wonderful lacey scarf, so only 2 actual UFO's left. Good thing -- I'm itching to start something new with cables...

Monday, 11 May 2009

UFO progress

Finishing up UFO #4 while Foxy naps. Life is good.

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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Kitchen Helper

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Sense of style

Foxy chose to have his shoes put on in this nearly nude state. With much laughter. So glad he has inherited my sense of the absurd.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

America Trip: Part 3

A couple of things disappointed me about our trip. One was that we didn't spend more time with my brother and his family. Another is that the few pics I took of my brother and family are pretty dreadful. Sigh.

They very kindly waited for us to arrive from SLC before starting an AWESOME Easter dinner, which even included an ICE CREAM CAKE. A homemade ice cream cake. My own in-laws are awesome, but my brother's in laws are serious competition. Especially when it comes to food. They are Italian. Need I say more? Did I snap any of the food or in-laws? No.

These are the only photos from our quick 24 hours there that are even vaguely interesting, IF you know the people.

Olivia helping me with an alphabet puzzle:

Everyone lending Foxy a hand with the puzzle:

Olivia horrified by Foxy's behaviour. She kept pointing and saying, "messy!" She has her mother's gift, and Foxy has mine...

Olivia being cute, as per usual ;-)

What is really ticking me off about the photos is that the weather was absolutely gorgeous, yet none of these are in natural light. Also, there are STABLES at the end of their street. Yes, we went and saw horsies. Not that you'd know. Clearly, I was not at my best.

I wish we lived closer. Bring on tele-porter technology!