Sunday, 27 February 2011

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

I'm not a big fan of airing clean laundry in public, but Harry was just TOO CUTE playing with baby brother this morning. He built a fort of pillows, got me to put baby brother inside and declared that no adults were allowed in.

Lest this get too cloying, never fear. Whilst Harry is being lovely with baby brother, he has me by my Achilles heel. Mornings start sometime between 5-6, and the "late" mornings follow broken nights. And if you thought the boy was potty trained, you probably think bears don't shit in the woods either.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Afternoon

We are having a great day. All four of us made it out of the house, onto a bus, and had a successful four hours OUT. It was good. Sian fed in public, we ate lunch, we shopped, it was like, NORMAL.

It exhausted everyone but me. It is quarter to five, and I'm the only one not napping.

No, I was not going to turn on any lights to get better pics.

I'm listening to podcasts and knitting socks for myself.


Sunday, 13 February 2011


Several years ago my sister (the one who does not read this) and I were dissecting an ex-family member. My sister hit the nail on the head when she said, "the thing is, C doesn't get that a lot if life is just sweeping up the cheerios." It was true, and I always think of it when...

Should happen a lot these days, except we are sluts with a twice weekly cleaner. Still, I think of the sentiment a lot. Most of the time I don't mind the mundane repetition of caring for young children, not that I could do it full time, no way no how. But I'm sad to be going back to work, and just a bit jealous of the relentless feeding, wiping, changing, cuddling that will continue around here.

Grabbing what I can for now.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Birth Drama

Thomas John Williams arrived at 10:15 on Monday morning, weighing in at a respectable 7 lbs. As planned, he arrived by Caesarian section because of placenta previa. It was a drama, but everyone is doing really well now.

The best bit was hearing Thomas cry as soon as he was pulled out, and the second best bit was hearing the midwife pronounce him perfect. He really is. He came out a lovely bright pink colour, with all systems go. Because of the drama happening with Sian, I got to hold him for his first hour of life - a wonderful distraction.

He looks amazingly like Harry did. We keep calling him Harry by mistake. I think it's lovely that they will definitely look like brothers.

Anyway, here's a before shot of the patient:

Looks ok, right? Not so much. Words you don't want to hear from a surgeon, "I need more hands NOW!" Terrifying. Poor Sian, they were bashing the table about as well, trying to get a balloon in her womb to stop the bleeding. As well as placenta previa they found once in that her ute is tilted awkwardly, and that she had placenta acreta (sp?), which basically means it is well stuck into the muscle wall, hence all the bleeding. From what I could gate, they would have whipped out the womb, but another surgeon quote, "we can't, it's stuck to the bowel." anyway, in the end they stitched the womb, and stemmed the bleeding. Phew. She did need a transfusion in the end, but other than that, Sian's recovery has been unaffected. Every doctor and midwife who reads her notes seem quite amazed/baffled that she is recovering so quickly and well. HURRAH.

Here's a few more early photos.

Scrubs suit me, no?

That amazing ball sack has shrunk back into proportion now, in case you were wondering.

He's a keeper!