Tuesday, 20 December 2011


5 more sleeps till the Big Day. Consulting my list, I appear to have forgotten to make/purchase/acquire present for Nearest & Dearest. Rookie mistake. Ideas in an email please!

On a brighter note, I'm knitting mini mittens for the tree. Well, for the tree this year, for an advent garland in my future life as a perfect mother.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Daddy Day

I've had days looking after both boys before. Not loads, but enough. So I have no ready explanation for why I was such a stereotypical Dad today.

It took HOURS to leave the house. I forgot that I would not be able to have a shower while Tom was awake. When we finally made it out the door, I was relieved and looking forward to several merry hours at Spring Barn Farm having lunch, seeing the animals, and visiting Santa in his grotto.

When we got there I realised I had left my coat behind. Oh well, plenty to do indoors. Lunch was fine, though on the manic side, and I can't say that I exuded calm and patience when Harry shouted that he needed a poo just as Tom was gleefully spreading baked beans all over his face.

The wholesome outing ended prematurely after Harry CRIED in disappointment at his present from Father Christmas. Oh the shame.

Never mind, off home again to decorate cupcakes for a Christmas cookie exchange party. Still many delightful mummy moments to be had.

Got to front door and realised that keys were in coat pocket. Inside house. Pack boys back into car. Text Sian to find out where exactly in Hove (actually) her work Christmas lunch is being held. Start driving. Pull over once in Hove. Ring Sian, no answer. Ring her work. Noone there from her school. Of course, they are all SOMEWHERE, BUT WHERE, IN BLOODY HOVE!

Running out of ideas, pass a Starbucks and Harry makes sensible suggestion to stop for a snack. Whilst there, finally reach Sian who agrees to come with key. Phew. Things finally looking up, shame about the PARKING TICKET. Yeah.

By the time cupcakes were decorated and we arrived at party, I gratefully imbibed mulled wine while my hosts looked after my children, as though it were a pleasure. BLESS YOU.

House a complete tip, and burnt pizza for dinner. I'm looking forward to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mission Accomplished

Packaging of all Christmas baking complete.

I'm fighting Christmas and totally winning.

And now, to sleep.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Damn Good Weekend

Friday was my last day of term. Hurrah! It's been a busy one, and at times I've been all anxious and stressed, most unlike me, and very unpleasant.

Anyway. Good to have it done! And we had Friday night at friends who made me laugh so much I may have peed a little.

Then Sian went for a well deserved night away, and the boys were angelic. Wanna see? Sure you do.

In case it's not obvious, those are Harry's beloved drinking glasses. Oxford Grandma gave them to him, and he asks for them every day. £2.50 well spent mother.

I had a friend over on Saturday night, I haven't had a proper girlie night in in ages. It's a good thing.

Finally, I finished up the Christmas baking. Christmas rocky road:

And peppermint bark:

I am unreasonably proud.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Traditional Decorating

I love a colourful, mismatched festive explosion of a Christmas tree. I got my way this year. Sian also bought me popcorn and cranberries for stringing. Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out. I've never actually done this before. Time consuming, but very effective. Lookie:

I *think* the link for this will appear in Facebook. I missed having peeps actually read my self-indulgent drivel ;-)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Fairy Lights

Christmas would not be Christmas without an abundance of fairy lights. Each year we seem to need more. This year:

adorning our head board. I know, totally awesome.

In other Christmas news, sadly we have had our first Christmas injury. From what we can make out, Tom was so eager to touch the golden tinsel strewn over his mobile that he toppled over and hit his head on the side of the cot.

He's ok. When you engage in extreme Christmas, there are going to be casualties.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Decorating

We are taking it all very seriously this year. Much of the job was completed this weekend, and far too much goodness to convey in a single blog post. I should be able to drag this out for a good few weeks, what with the baking, multiple advent calendars and all.

Here's a teaser: this is a photo of the secondary tree.

I love being an adult. I can waste my time & money in any way I please.