Sunday, 28 June 2009


Sometimes goes well, sometimes not so much. Just sayin. Thank god for alcohol. Happy Birthday Mother.

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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sat afternoon at the park

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

E-mail received

Dear all,

This morning some of the wood ants from our labs on corridor D managed to
escape, most of them have since been cleared up but a few may remain or
have got in to your offices or labs. If you find you have some please get
in contact with me and I will come and sort them out, if it’s only a
couple please feel free to just stamp on them.

Many apologies for the inconvenience and annoyance this may cause,

Thank you

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Foxy and I

...doing what we do best.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday lounging

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Big Boy

Our boy is growing up! Yesterday was his last day in the Baby Room, next week he starts in Toddlers. He has been there for a LONG time, 14 months, and it felt like a big deal. We have been so happy with his care there, and especially because he has had the most wonderful key worker. Foxy definitely knew something was going on, because he did not want to let her go yesterday afternoon. So poignant. He is so lucky to have so many people in his life who love him so very much! I wish I had a photo, but they are a bit funny about photos because some of the parents don't like it. Hey-ho.

And here is are Foxy & Nearest & Dearest off to Socatots this morning:

I may be biased, but SO CUTE!! I'm finding him rather heartbreaking at the moment.

We were talking yesterday about how 12-18 months seems like a bigger change than 6-12 months. Definitely not a baby anymore.

I wish I had really accurate height and weight measurements. I tried recently, and came up with 25 lbs and 76 centimetres. I did these by holding him, and then not holding him, whilst standing on our scales, and by holding up a tape measure whilst he was standing reasonably still watching telly. I was all pleased with self, and went to look up the percentages in the little red book. I don't think the measurements can be accurate. He is a rather lean boy, and I have him at the 50th% for weight, and 2nd% for height. Hmmm...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Messy boy

One specially for Pequita ;-)

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Gratitude Tuesday

I'm back! It's been a very busy time. Not so much anymore ;-). Rather than stressing about a post with a zillion pics, I thought I'd list a bunch of things that make me happy/feel grateful. Nearest & Dearest is interested in positive psychology, and has shown me evidence that listing 3 good things each day is super good for your mental (and physical) health. And it really seems to work, though I'm not disciplined enough to do it everyday.

ANYWAY, here's a little list of good things happening RIGHT NOW:

My marking (grading) is OVER for the year! Hurrah! The job is mack to very manageable and enjoyable.

I now have Tuesdays off with Foxy, and because of the above, I am able to completely devote myself to "homey" stuff on Tuesdays.

I have NEW YARN for 3 NEW PROJECTS. (Guilt-free because I finished all those UFOs last month, yay me). This makes me so happy. I have been fondling said yarn a lot, and have cast on for two of the new projects. More on those later.

Summer has returned to the British Isles!

Even though he has now been diagnosed with hay fever as well as "asthma-like-symptoms," Foxy remains the most cheerful, happy toddler. A few older people (we tend to chat on buses, especially) have independently said that he has a joyful soul. Very well put. He's fab, I wouldn't change him for the world.

Nearest & Dearest will be going down to 4 days per week from September to spend Thursdays with Foxy. They will both enjoy it so much, and I will be able to stay late for our (childcare unfriendly) departmental seminars.

Foxy is showing a bit of preference for Nearest & Dearest these days. To think I was worried about them bonding. I just love watching them doing stuff together. Peas in a pod.

Don't worry, I'm still my same shallow self. Here's some trashy stuff:

We have changed from Tesco delivery (oh the shame!) to Ocado. Yes, it makes me happy to see those Waitrose labels about my kitchen. (Only one slight hiccup -- we now have about 20 bananas because I ordered 4 BUNCHES thinking I was ordering 4 singles....oops).

Our latest box set is Dexter. It's no West Wing, but pretty darn good. Such a satisfying premise. Kill the bas****s.

I love our evening routine with Foxy. So samey, so secure. He is totally into In the Night Garden from 6 - 6:25. If we are fairly confident, we let this be a naked noodle time. I am tickled that he seems to pay particular attention to his willy whenever Upsy-Daisy comes on screen. She's not my kind of girl, but you can't have it all.

Lastly, I am grateful that Foxy is such a good sleeper. I love that he still has at least 2 hours of naps during the day so that I can do this, and think about what I might bake today, or knit, or maybe do some gardening (ha, ha, AS IF!)

Have a great Tuesday. It really works!