Friday, 18 July 2008

More Good Times

Summertime gets so busy with social engagements, it is almost stressful. But I like it that way, and I like the different rythmn of each season. This is the low work, high family season. My sister and her children came to stay for a couple of days this week, and we are off to Oxford on Sunday for a week with my Mum and all the sibs & cousins. We are house-sitting for one of my mother's friends which is perfect. Too much family density can get really ugly. And god forbid we are thrown off THE ROUTINE.

In prep for all this loving, and because I have been feeling a bit weary lately, I am having a night off tonight. Nearest & Dearest and the Fox are going to stay with her Mum, and I am having 24 hours to do exactly as I please. I am really looking forward to the lie-in. I am also having trouble deciding which of the long list of things I COULD do, that I actually WILL do. Hmmm. Tonight I am having drinks with the les over the road, and tomorrow I am having lunch with my Mum chums. If I also go to the gym, my time is running short!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

10 weeks & counting...

Yesterday I was at the end of my tether (again). Then I calculated and realized that we have had a workman of some description in the house for 10 weeks. I kinda forced the decorator to finish the kitchen yesterday. He did, and was out the door at 11 pm. Huge, huge, sigh of relief, and much praise for Foxy who did not stir until 7:08. He was back in bed at 9:15, and now almost everything is back in the kitchen. Yes, I was supposed to be working, but it felt much more important to be rid of the kitch-room.

Did I mention what the hurry is? My big sister & kids are coming to stay this afternoon! Hurrah! They don't know yet that they will be roped into getting the kitchen table back in situ, which involves contortion through windows.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Good Times

I had a great evening out with the girls last night -- we went to see Sex and the City. Loved the show, loved the movie. I watched it and dreamed of having a sexy svelte body, inspired wardrobe, & personal assistant. Of course I was eating toffee popcorn and M&M's at the time.

I love my Wednesdays. We start with Little Dippers, and then today I am going to see a friend in London. Train journeys with Foxy are fun! I'm looking forward to meeting T's third(!) baby boy. Most of all I am looking forward to talking detail with a like-minded mother. When your parenting strategy is at the extreme end of the continuum, it's a treat to talk to someone who may be even further along that spectrum. As Foxy is becoming mobile, I look forward to hearing suggestions for containment. Yep, the next plank in my 50's parenting style is going to be a large caged area. I hate the look of stair gates.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Simple Pleasures

We had a FABULOUS night away. I think the best part for me was lolling in bed in the morning, reading the papers with a cup of tea. Fortunately Foxy behaved himself, so maybe it won't be the last time!

In the afternoon Mum and I went to Middle Farm for some lunch followed by a birthday trip for Mum to Charleston. It was a lovely afternoon, and I'm really glad we did it yesterday as the weather doesn't look so great today. leaves today clear for putting everything away in the kitchen! I am totally over-excited by the project. I am hoping to unearth my label-maker so that I can really go all-out anal.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Nearest & Dearest's birthday. We have been looking forward to this day for MONTHS. Why? We are staying overnight in a hotel! Mum is coming to babysit, and threatening to take Foxy out clubbing. As long as he is alive at the end of it, she can have at it.

Our kitchen should be fitted for the weekend, and Mum and I are going to enjoy putting everything away just so, whilst Nearest & Dearest is away at a hen weekend. I must be getting old, I am not envious.

This morning I am off to baby boogie & present purchasing. I am not anxious for more time at the creche to open up.